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One of the best and most used apps I have on my phone and every other device is definitely the password management app 1Password. As the name implies, it is a password management application / service that allows the user to remember only one password and 1Password takes care of the rest. In effect, 1Password is a repository where you can store your login information for all services, credit cards, server IDs, and anything else you don’t want to forget.

1 Password to remember

1Password protects all your other passwords and important information with a master password that only you know. Logins and other private information are securely stored in a password vault, which can be accessed either by entering a master password or using fingerprint authentication or Face-Id. When the service / application is opened in a form on a web page, the form information is filled in automatically. When registering for new services, you can use 1Password to create virtually any length of password, save it to the service and then forget it. For years, I myself have no idea what kind of passwords there are in different services, because I have generated complex strings of twenty characters long in 1Password and stored it there.

1Password is available for all devices, browsers and operating systems. 1Password synchronizes data seamlessly between devices, so passwords are always included across devices. Add-ons for browsers make it even easier to fill out different online forms.

Different vaults for different purposes

1Password allows you to create different repositories for different uses. In this way, for example, work-related passwords remain in order and separate from other passwords. As such, this doesn’t matter in normal use, but if you like order, you’ll like this too. Information related to passwords can be edited in an application or browser (e.g. urls where passwords are used).

2-step authentication

In addition to all the other good features, 1Password includes one really great and life-saving feature, support for 2-step authentication. So you can forget about all the other code generators, text messages and other confirmations. When you add 1Password to your app for 2-Step Authentication, you’ll receive a verification code automatically when you’re asked for it. If you have a 1Password Family or Business subscription, you can share passwords and authentication codes with different users. This makes it much easier to maintain sometilies in companies, for example, because all users receive verification codes from the same place without a difficult SMS or email hub.

So if you need help with your passwords everyday, check 1Password. The service costs $ 2.99 per month for an individual user, $ 4.99 per month for a Family Account (5 users) and $ 7.99 / month for a Business Account.