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Pasi Viinamäki

Pasi Viinamäki

Hello! I am a digital marketing and social media problem solver from Finland. My strength is in transforming the mystification of digital marketing into clear and understandable practise, both at the strategy level and in concrete terms. I train, consult and do what I talk about on a daily basis.

I’ve been in the digital marketing field for about a decade now. I am currently working at Visual Friday in Jyväskylä with digital marketing. If you feel that you need help with digital marketing, please contact us using the form below, or send a message directly to Visual Friday sales at

You should contact me if:

  • You want to enhance your Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • Advertise also on LinkedIn or other social media platforms
  • Your Social Media channels and Business Manager are a mess
  • You need help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google advertising is something you consider (SEM)
  • Your website should be redesigned
  • You need high quality photos or videos
  • You want to talk with someone about the marketing situation for your business

I will also be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn and Twitter . Also follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Digital Marketing

In addition to Social Media, I work extensively with other digital marketing platforms. These include Google Ads, Google Analytics, Tag manager, Search Console. Familiar tools in search engine optimization include e.g. SEMrush and Ubersuggest.

Social Media

I manage Facebook Business Manager, Facebook and Instagram advertising, e-commerce product catalogs, chat bots, analytics, re-marketing opportunities, and a long list of different social media platforms.
My characteristic is to figure things out and solve problems in my own channels as well, so the toolkit grows as new tools come up. I also have Hootsuite Platform Certification and experience managing large numbers of social channels.


I write HTML and CSS fluently. I navigate the world of WordPress and Woocommerce easily. This site also runs on these technologies. There is also experience with Drupal implementations. Some PHP / Javascript skills / experience. An example of coding skills is the Onnetar application.

Photography & Videos

In my free time I wonder in nature, take photos and make videos. You can learn more about this hobby in the media section.

Digital Marketing and
Social Media

How to manage 100+ social media channels and 300+ administrators? What is good content, what tools should you use? What channels are used for advertising and on what budget? For which audience should I create a Google Display campaign? How to implement internal social media in a company. What is Facebook Business Manager? What does Search Engine Optimization mean? There are a lot of questions and I have the answers.

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Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP, a.k.a WWW

My first web pages saw the light of day in 1999. After that, a few years passed in HTML and CSS until CMS entered my life. I swore for several years in the name of Drupal, but since 2018 I have worked with WordPress. I’m not an actual WordPress developer, but I haven’t yet come across a situation that I wouldn’t have solved with add-ons or my own coding.

And some tools

WordPress (itse asennettu) (avaimet käteen)

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Photography And Videos

My background is in the visual world and I am a trained lighting designer. My biggest passion is in pictures and videos. In my free time I wonder in nature and take pictures. Sometimes I have time to edit videos for public viewing. Since 2019 I have also been shooting footage with drone.

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