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Draw your Facebook contest winners easily online!

Onnetar – Pick The LuckyOne!

What is Onnetar?

Onnetar is a tool for picking up Facebook contest winners. With Onnetar, you can draw a random comment on a Facebook post of your choice. In addition to the name of the winner, you will receive a link to the winning comment so you can respond to it with DM. This way, you can easily complete Facebook draws and also contact the winner directly.

Onnetar is in BETA testing, I do not guarantee its functionality or continuation if the API changes. However, I work to keep the app updated as needed.
Note that if the publication has more than 1000 comments, it will take some time for the post-selection step to load.

Why does Onnetar only draw from the comments?

According to the Facebook Policies, only comments or likes can be used as a condition to enter the contest / draw. Because it is difficult to reach a mere post-liker via Facebook, the Onnetar lottery will only be drawn from those who have commented. (I’ve summarized the Facebook sweepstakes rules here).

How to pick up a winner on Facebook?

  1. Connect the app with your Facebook account and give permissions for the app to access your Page(s).
  2. After logging in, select the page you want to pick the winner from
  3. Next step is to select the post
  4. You will get the winning comment, name of the winner and direct link to winning comment.
  5. If you like it and want to support the development of this app, buy me a coffee. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely voluntary 🙂
Read more about Facebook contestsTerms of use

Generate a random number

If you just want to generate a random number and cout from comment, you can use this generator.



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Facebook connection

Onnetar needs to connect to your Facebook account

Onnetar is connected to your Facebook account



Choose Post

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Draw the Winner

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